Jeremiah 7-9

7 - Don't trust in your temple to keep God's favor and remain in the land. Rather, do justice to each other and be faithful to Me. But you continue in deliberate sin, and then pray to Me in this temple - it's a den of robbers. Your high places of idolatry will be filled with the dead.

8 - Even animals know what they are supposed to do, but not Israel. Her priests are full of lies and greed. God finds no grapes on His vine, Israel. They flee into their cities for refuge from the coming war horses, but it won't help. Has God left Israel? Why have they left God? It is too late to cure their sin.

9 - I wish I could weep buckets for Israel. She adulterates, deceives, oppresses, so she will be a help of ruins. Lament, for they will fall like wheat at harvest.

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