Jeremiah 35-37

35 - The Rechabites obey their father, not drinking wine, building houses or farming. But Israel won't obey it's Father.
36 - God has Jeremiah write all His words down, and Baruch reads them to some nobles in a temple chamber. They send it to the king, but protect Jeremiah and Baruch, his secretary. King Jehoiakim burns it, column by column, as it's read to him. God has Jeremiah write it all out again, with a judgment against Jehoiakim added.
37 - Jeremiah warns Zedekiah that the Chaldeans would take the city. Jeremiah goes out of Jerusalem on business when the Chaldeans withdraw, and his enemies accuse, beat and imprison him falsely for defecting. The king asks privately of Jeremiah, and he gives the same word from God.

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