"I hope for a Congress that can pass some good legislation in the decades I have left on planet earth.  Much more importantly, I hope for a Congress that can block all kinds of atrocious legislation that is sure to be presented in the years and decades to come.  And that is pretty much it.  The transcendental improvement I work for and pray for in this great country is going to be a cause of political change, but not an effect of it.  We have our chicken and egg all mixed up, and it is time we get it straight.  Culture trumps politics, and it always will.  The present conflict begs for us to be politically involved, to force our leaders to quit redistributing wealth, to seek less burdensome tax policy, and to beg Washington D.C. to get out of the way.  We should all do that, and my personal conviction is that for the most part this is best done with Republican options at this point in time....

"My point is not to say that a better educational system is the last best hope, and a Republican Congress is not.  My point is that no one single thing represents the remedy to culture’s woes – especially a change in the partisan affiliation of our Congressional representation.  If a Republican is one of those Specter-Snowe-Collins turkeys, then don’t vote for them.  Let a Democrat beat the true RINO’s.  Who cares?  We are no worse off.  But if you have a decent Republican to vote for, and the current climate calls for some restraint on an ideological narcissist President who has apparently gone mad with my checkbook, then for pete’s sake, knock off this GOP-bashing.  It is silly.  Just don’t set your expectation so high that you set yourself up for disappointment.  The battle for the hearts and souls of men is not going to be won this November.  This is a temporary deal that requires some temporary wisdom.  The long term battle is anything but temporary, though, and it requires solutions far more important than any political party has ever been able to offer."

David Bahnsen

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