Are You on E?

We will consider God’s judgment in the flood today, a somber warning of His just punishment on the wicked. One of the last teachings of Jesus before He goes to the cross, our Lord gives a sober warning to be prepared for His coming. Is the oil of the Holy Spirit flowing fresh within us? Do we eagerly look for the Bridegroom of our hearts, Jesus Himself? In this parable, all the bridesmaids fell asleep. That wasn’t the problem. Do you have oil and light to meet Jesus when He comes unexpectedly? Does Jesus know you?

Now, the point isn’t to scare us into confession this morning. If all you have is a desperate sense of self-preservation, you don’t have much real repentance, if any. But hearing of God’s judgment, and warnings to be ready can prompt us to remember our offenses against Him, and the mercy of the Savior.

Let us confess letting our gas tanks run down to empty, careless to the Spirit’s prompting, our conscience calling. 


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