Negative Examples from Testaments Old and New

Jesus used the bread and wine of Passover to start this new covenant sacrament. Like Noah (sermon on Genesis 9:18ff), we drink wine in God’s house. But the effect is very different. Instead of self-indulgence and shame, we remember the Lord Jesus, His sacrifice, which brings blessing upon us and our children. Instead of mocking disrespect among family members, we look upon each other with love and respect, as fellow saints for whom Christ died. Now, in the new covenant we can abuse God’s grace and His sacraments.  The Corinthians show us this.  They got drunk and insulted each other (1 Corinthians 11:17-22), just like Noah and Ham. But God restores sinners. Whatever shameful things we have done, we are invited to God’s table to eat with His people. Lay down your sin, rejoice in your Savior.

This is your sign that God has remembered you, and it is the way God has given you to remember him.


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