Seth, Not Cain, at the Table

At this table, we do what Seth’s line does (Genesis 4:17-26).
1. We grieve over the evil and sin that took Christ to the cross.
2. We step in to our place at the table, accepting the life of loyalty to Christ that it requires. We step in, thankful for the privilege it is, knowing the Abels who have gone before us in faith and knowing the Cains who have fallen away and left this table.
3. We call on the name of God in Christ here. This is what the remembering is all about. Not just a mental act, but reaffirming that Jesus is the one I need, Jesus is the one who saves me.

At the same time, the way of Cain is overcome bit by bit at this table over time.
1. We are rooted in Christ.
2. We find our rest in Him.
3. We find close communion with him and with each other.
4. And we boast only in Christ and Him crucified, only in knowing this wonderful, merciful Savior.


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