How the Poor Live

The latest Imprimis is a home run.  A description of the underclass from a British doctor serving lower classes and prisons for decades.  Here's the run down:
  • The violence of their lives, particularly between the sexes.
  • Households with shifting cast members
  • Asking who a child's dad is, is often embarrassing.
  • Twice as many 16 year olds have a tv as have a biological dad in the home.
  • Very large tv's, never off
  • Little means of cooking a meal, often no dining table.
  • Eating pattern is individual foraging, thus many are fat.
  • Illegitimacy rate is nearing 100%
  • They speak in terms that deny responsibility.  A murderer describing the act will say "the knife went in."
  • This denial and victim attitude fits well with the governments desire to save them.  "We pretend to be ill, and you pretend to cure us."
  • Independence is seen as not from the state, but from your family.  Often by getting dependent on the state!  Mothers are pleased to be on the dole, so they don't have to be beholden to the man they know to be "violent swine."
  • "There are no fathers."
  • Those on the dole used to say they "receive their check" on a certain day.  Now they say they "get paid."  For what?
  • We have "maintained high levels of state subsidized idleness while importing almost equivalent numbers of foreigners to do unskilled work."
An interesting P.S.: the homicide rate would be five times higher today, if we had the same medical technology we had in 1960.

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