Godly Grief

Do you grieve over sin? One mark of the maturing believer is that we see our sin more and more. We become more aware of our pride, and less aware of our humility. More aware of our weakness and need for God, and less aware of what we are doing for God. Arther Pink says what distinguishes a child of God from an unbeliever is not the absence of sin in our life, but the grief over it. When Jesus blesses those who mourn, He isn’t just talking about the grief of death or hard times. Blessed are those who also mourn over their sins. God calls us to rejoice always, but also to grieve for our sins our entire lives. We should be asking God to show us the reality of our sins – their depth and offense against Him. Without that we won’t be torn up in heart over them, and we won’t flee to Christ for refuge and forgiveness. Do you grieve over your sin?

Let us confess our hurried "sorries" given to siblings and spouses, our routine surface repentance to God, when God is seeking broken and grieving hearts.


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