Things I Never Noticed in the Bible

Judges 18:30
"And the people of Dan set up the carved image for themselves, and Jonathan the son of Gershom, son of Moses, and his sons were priests to the tribe of the Danites until the day of the captivity of the land."
So the grandson of Moses is a priest of idolatry for the tribe of Dan, in the darkest times of the Judges.

Be diligent to teach your own children, no matter how "holy" your calling.
Moses spoke with God directly and interceded for and shepherded Israel in the wilderness.  It was exhausting, frustrating and kept him very busy.  For whatever reason, his sons seldom figure in the story at all after Exodus 18, where Jethro brings them back to Moses after the Exodus.  I assume Moses sent his wife and sons to Jethro for safety while hostilities with Pharaoh continued.  No fault there, necessarily.  But after that we hear nothing of them until this verse.  How could Gershom's son be a priest for a golden calf after the way Moses responded to Aaron's golden calf?  Negligence in training him?  Gershom himself shrugging off fidelity to the God of Israel?  Or carelessness in raising Jonathan?

Let us be diligent to teach our children God's ways, to pray for their hearts to be drawn to God in loyalty.

Where we have been faithful and humble (not perfect) before God and our children, let us not condemn ourselves when they stray from the Lord.

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