Don't Stay Away; Keep Your Brother

Here at this Table we have the opposite of Cain. Cain turned away from God, did not repent, didn’t give a fig for his brother. At this supper we turn toward God in faith, repent of our sins, and discern the body of Christ.

Cain stayed away and stayed away. We keep coming back to our Lord week by week here. We long for the face of God. We can stand it because we believe we are washed clean of our guilt and shame before Him. This can happen because we repent honestly.

Cain didn’t want to be his brother’s keeper. Jesus has kept us in Him and no one snatches us out of his hands. We commune with one another through Christ here and remember our call to love God and neighbor.

It’s possible to come here physically but stay away from God spiritually.
It’s possible to kneel and say words but not really repent.
It’s possible to take communion and think only of yourself and Jesus.

But the design is different. Come to Jesus now with a clean heart. See the face of Jesus in your redeemed brethren. Rejoice in the Lord.


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