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A Thomas Nelson Community College student recently got Virginia's restrictive free speech policy for colleges loosened, so he could present his views (a.k.a. evangelize or preach the gospel).  "Before the changes, student were required to get permission from a student organization, get permission from school officials four days in advance, and be confined to a small "free speech zone" in order to present their views." - See more here.

Joe Biden recently committed us to protecting gay rights around the world.  And of course we don't want anyone physically attacked or their civil rights impinged for their homosexual inclinations or behavior.  But will this be limited to cases of physical violence? Won't any future denial of "rights" be deemed a mode of violence, justifying the use of violence against the perceived offenders?  With current shifts, I'm not convinced that distinction is as clear as it should be.  Every major religion is close to being labelled inhumane and barbaric for their condemnation of homosexual practice as a sin against God.

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