Death, Judgment, No Death

This sacrament is a living rendition of Genesis 5. That chapter repeats the death of person after person. And he died, and he died. This supper proclaims the Lord’s death week after week. We come back and remember and heard it said again. He died on the cross.
We also see the prophecy in Methuselah’s name come fully true at the cross. The two words "death" and "sent" meant for Methuselah, that when he died, the judgment of flood was sent.  For Jesus, when He died, the ultimate judgment of God against all our sin fell like a flood.

This is good news for us. And His death made Enoch’s escape from death possible. By faith he pleased God. By faith we eat this bread and wine, and trust we too will escape the sting and curse of death, even as we go through it.

We are those other sons and daughters in the line of promise. Trust in the savior. Let that faith work a real difference in your life.


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