Genesis 26

Main idea
God restates His promises of blessing He had made to Abraham, to Isaac.  But Isaac goofs just like Abraham had (vss 6-11).  God prospers Isaac, resulting in tension with Canaanites.  Through patience and trial of well-digging Isaac achieves a settled place in Canaan.  But Esau marries Hittites - another source of tension.

How is this about Jesus?
Israel made life hard for Jesus, though God had given Him special promises of blessing.  They didn't dare harm Him for a while because of His popularity-prosperity.

Sins this passage may reveal:
Not trusting God's promises of protection, but trusting your own plans instead.
Pressing legal rights when God gives some prosperity, instead of loving your neighbor and letting God vindicate you.
Undue anger toward, rejection and separation from unbelievers when they are willing to work with you (vss 26-31).

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