Matthew 19-20

Main idea
Marriage, children and wealth – quite a chapter!
Jesus limits the grounds for divorce so much, the disciples wonder if getting married is wise.  Children should be able to come to Jesus.  Wealth can keep you from coming to Jesus, but reward comes in the remade world from following Him.  (I tend to think this new world has yet to come, though many in my circles take it as fulfilled at the Ascension.)

How this is about Jesus
Jesus the King sets the standard for entering His kingdom, and it’s unexpected.

Sins this may reveal

Using marriage or children or wealth for our own advantage instead of for Christ and His kingdom.

Chapter 20
Main idea
Kingdom reward is not always according to strict merit.  God includes many by grace who “deserve” reward far less than others.

How this is about Jesus
He is the King who can give reward at His pleasure.  He treats no one unjustly.

Sins this reveals:
The greed of comparison and complaint.

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