Genesis 28

Main idea
Jacob flees.  Esau thinks marrying Ishmaelites will be better than Canaanites.
God repeats His promise made to Abraham, now to Jacob, as He sees a ladder.  He takes God as His own, thought there are lots of ifs in his statement.  Is this doubt of a deceiver?  When you deceive it's hard to believe.  Or is it faith in a tight spot, running for your life?

How is this about Jesus?
In Jacobs offspring (Jesus) all families would be blessed.
Jesus the type of Jacob is killed by His Esau.  Herod = Idumean = Edomite = Esau.

Sins this passage may reveal:
Trying to make up for past sins with halfway measures (Esau's wives).
Not realizing God is at work in your life, in your place (Gen 28:16).

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