What the Bible says

Job 30-33
Job: my friends scorn me, my soul is poured out in affliction.  If I've done wrong without righting it, go ahead and punish me.  But I haven't!
Elihu: I waited till last, because I'm youngest.  But you friends have rebuked him without proving it, and Job is justifying himself and accusing God.  How can you contend against God when He is so much greater than us frail decaying creatures?

Matthew 13:31-58
The kingdom of God will be sifted in the end between righteous and wicked.  The righteous pursues the kingdom as of utmost value.

Matthew 14:1-21
John the Baptist is executed by the lust and greed of Herod's family.  Jesus withdraws to consider, but feeds the 5000 who follow Him, instead.

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