What the Bible says

Job 25-29
My friends aren't helping when they just say, "The wicked don't prosper."  Wisdom can't be dug up like a commodity; it starts with fearing God.  I am righteous and don't deserve what God has given me, yet He won't answer.  O, for the days when I was respected in the gate and gave justice to the oppressed!

Matthew 12:22-50
The Pharisees get quite a reaction from Jesus, blaming Satan for His work!
Don't blaspheme the Spirit like that (31-32). You will be condemned by such words (33-37).  One great than Jonah is here, and you aren't repenting like Nineveh did (38-42).  You are trying to be righteous but demons of rebellion are overtaking you (43-45).

Matthew 13:1-30
They also can't understand His teaching, but God gives understanding to disciples (10-17).
People respond to the Word with (a) immediate rejection, (b) temporary but not lasting acceptance, (c) or permanent and fruitful acceptance (1-23).  God's kingdom has weeds in it that He lets grow until the end, when He will sort it out (24-30).

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