Genesis 31-32

Chapter 31
Main idea
Jacob runs away from Laban with more trickery but nothing sinful on his part.  Rachel steals his gods, but Jacob doesn’t know.  It’s hard to stop deceiving when it has become a habit.
Laban gets mad, but God tells him not to hurt Jacob.  Laban says he could hurt Jacob, says everything Jacob has is his, then lets him go.  Rachel deceives her father Laban.  They have left a dysfunctional situation, but took some of the trouble with them.

How is this about Jesus?
Jesus plundered the strong man’s house and took what was rightfully His from the usurper.
Jacob leaves Laban’s house with the goods God gave him, partly in rebuke of Laban’s deceptions and partly to bless the line of covenant promise.

Sins this may reveal:
Greed and claiming things that aren’t really ours (wealth or married children)
Not making a clean break with a troubled past – taking some of the gods with us when we leave.

Genesis 32
Main idea
Jacob is between two hostile family members, leaving a father-in-law and coming to a brother who wanted to kill him last time he saw him.  Jacob tries more plots to save himself, like Abraham and Isaac did with neighboring kings.  What should God’s people DO when vulnerable to hostile and more powerful neighbors?  Claim God’s promises (10-12), wrestle with (trust) Him (24-28), and turn from sin (deceit in Jacob’s case – vs 27).  Jacob asks for a blessing instead of taking one.  He tells the truth about himself instead of lying to his father.  He is only now ready to receive God’s blessing with integrity.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus is the Wrestler, with whom we must come to terms, be truthful, and trust our livelihood in His hands.  He has the right to give (and receive) God’s blessing based on our faith and truthfulness toward Him.

Sins this may reveal

Our struggle to keep trusting ourselves, though we pray, repent and claim to trust God for our safety.

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