What the Bible Says

Matthew 14:22-36
Jesus walks on water to the disciples.  Peter tries but has little faith.  The disciples worship Jesus.

Matthew 15:1-20
The Pharisees criticize Jesus over a minor matter.  He rebukes them for a major one: don't weasel out of supporting your aging parents financially with some religious talk.  He also addresses the minor matter: ingesting some dirt or unhealthy food isn't a big deal - your body deals with it.  Your soul is defiled by what comes OUT of you, though.

Job 34-35
Elihu says Job doesn't know what he's talking about.  God will do right.  Job sinned, and now he's adding rebellion to it.

Job 36-37
Elihu: God is good and majestic and just - who are you to argue with Him?

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