William Ames

Section I: Introductory matters
Chapter 3: Ames and the Marrow of Theology
Brief Biography of Ames
Pages 41-45

Ames (1576-1633) was a professor and minister at Cambridge and became converted by the preaching of William Perkins.  Being converted AFTER being ordained (not uncommon in the days of an established church), Ames' concern was inward piety.  You may look Christian outwardly but have no sincere faith inwardly.

When King James suppressed the Puritans in 1604 he left Cambridge and wound up in the Netherlands, crossing paths with other English there preparing to establish Plymouth Plantation in the New World.  He served as secretary  to the president of the Synod of Dort (1618-1619).

He taught for 11 years at a newly established theological school in Friesland, urging reformation of life, not just doctrine, among the faculty and students.  This was his main concern - that doctrinal reformation would happen WITH reformed hearts and lives.

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