Chickens and Hokies

For those of you who were utterly confused by the Egg Head post, I'm not a psycho-chicken-obsessed person. Well, most days. Lately I have been only because I'm in the middle of designing the mascot logo for a local high school whose teams are known as the "Chix." Thus the chicken on the brain. I will post the final logo when it is finished and selected by the school. Sorry to keep you waiting!

While on vacation, I discovered that there are stranger mascots than chickens out there - Virginia Tech sports a large turkey. Apparently it is NOT a turkey but a Hokie.... 'nuf said. Still a bird that appears on the dinner table!

We made a few other interesting discoveries while on our trip, the most surprising of which was upon returning to our home. One half of this couple (you guess which) didn't turn the heat down while we were away but instead turned it OFF. So if you think you have a cold back room to sleep in, that's nothing compared to the 45 degree home we slept in last night!!!


  1. Just call him the Hokie Bird. His gobble strikes terror in opposing team's mascots! Actually he was arrested in a game in Miami for playing just a little to rough with the Miami Hurricanes Mascot...Which is an Ibis..another Bird!

  2. Ok. I don't feel so bad now:) By the way, I think that y'all left something from Michigan down here...Cold Air! Supposed to be in the twenties later this week and some snow/freezing rain tomorrow night!

  3. Guess that makes your Hokie Bird a "jail bird," eh?

    I'll trade your twenty-degree temps for what's coming our way tonight: down near 10 degrees! When it's that cold every little degree counts!

  4. So, I take it you were in our corner of the world! We are about 35 miles from Gobblertown (aka Blacksburg, VA).

    You should've looked us up!

    Not sure how Hokie got associated with the turkey --no-one can really explain that.

  5. OK. Here's the story: The Tech football team at one time (back when the world was not yet colored and life was all drab and black and white) had a real turkey on the sidelines that belonged to a young man whom they had befriended (I think he was mentally handicapped but I could be wrong..yah, I know, sounds like the plot for another feel good movie of the year:). When he died someone decided to create a turkey costume in order keep the turkey mascot thing going in his memory. The turkey has chnaged a good bit through the years. As for the word Hokie: That was a nonsense word from a cheer: Tech Tech VPI Sola Ray Sola Rye Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi!. (Please don't laugh..As I said , it was a long time ago when the world was still in black and white. And of course with Tech being in the sticks they did not get color in Blacksburg until much later than the rest of the state of virginia..kind of like the indoor plumbing thing:) The team nick name became the Hokies and so it was natural that the turkey mascot become the "Hokie Bird." (At Least that's the story the alumni assocoation has be spreading around:)

  6. Wow, after reading that explanation...

    I wish I had the last 12 seconds of my life back! :-}