Preggo Perceptions

I just spent some time blogging around the net and was inspired by so many beautiful handknit creations! This has gotten me down in the dumps - you see, being preggo limits the amount of knitting one does for oneself. I have no desire to spend hours doing stocking stitch to wrap around this forever growing belly, and limiting myself to socks and scarves seems really dull and uncreative. And knitting for the kids when spring/summer is so close at hand (read: too warm to wear a handknit item then!) seems silly. At least all the socks I've been knitting lately has allowed me to perfect my kitchener stitch.

So, here are my options:

1) knit for baby #4 (gender yet unknown)
2) knit for Steve (a reluctant recipient)
3) knit accessories (purse, scarves, etc)
4) knit yet another pair of socks
5) put all the knitting away and start something else!!! (after finishing my WIP's, of course)

My rut-hating personality leans towards option #5. Steve is passing out as he reads this!! So what will it be? The sewing machine has been calling, as well as perfecting the art of bread making (Steve's vote). Garden planning creeps into my mind as the days get longer. But I think I will stick with the yarn-a-holic in me and start crocheting again. Hey, it's been awhile and goes a LOT faster than knitting. I'm in the market for an openwork lace shrug pattern (any men still reading here who are unfamiliar with what a shrug is - think something to cover your "shrug"/shoulders). That is something that a preggo can wear, works great for a nursing mom, and will still be a hit post-mommy duties. Now, to buy new yarn or use something from the stash....?


  1. I vote for making something for me :) I noticed you left out that option. ;)

  2. I'm into lace shawls - perhaps a nice fluffy lace stole to wear with a clerical robe while preaching??

    Did Steve ever tell you guys he received a knit scarf with the first Q&A to the Westminster catechism knit into it? It's pretty cool as far as Reformed knitwear goes....

  3. Steve should be ashamed for being a reluctant recipient! A nice cardigan is what I am thinking...

  4. Oh, by the way...congratulations on being preggers, as the Brits say.

  5. That scarf sounds amazing. I would be far from reluctant to have a scarf with Q&A #1 of the Westminster catechism on it.

  6. Don't worry - I love it. Probably the coolest article of clothing I own.
    I'm just not a big scarf guy by preference...

  7. I'm not a big scarf person myself, but that would be too good not to wear.