Little House lessons

Been a long time since I read Laura Ingalls Wilder, but it's great stuff, and even our 4 and 3 year old get into it. I'd forgotten how abruptly the 2nd book in the series (Little House on the Prairie) ends by Pa packing up and moving the whole family, and leaving everything he had built that year (including the plow!) within 24 hours after hearing the soldiers were coming to move them off of Indian Territory (3 miles southwest of the Verdigris River, into Oklahoma).

Lots of good lessons here about individual initiative, submission to authority, even when you disagree, getting along with people different from you by sacrificing your own wants (letting the Indians have tobacco or food whenever they came in the house and pointed at it).

The kids enjoyed the link between the Lincoln Logs they got for Christmas and Pa building their log house.

Also great lessons of discipline and obedience.

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  1. I loved the little house books as a kid ... and my daughter have my original 9 book set on the shelf

    It's definately a look into what it really means to mave a hard life.