Winter "Wonder"-land

There's a saying us Michigan folk have regarding the weather: "If you don't like the weather now, wait 24 hours - it will be completely different!"

The past 24 hrs have been no exception. We awoke yesterday to freshly fallen snow, by the afternoon thunderstorms moved in, complete with rain showers and 1/2" hail, which gave way to sleet. Today offered sunshine and blue skies, with strong bitter north winds this evening. Tomorrow promises temps near zero and windchills down to -20 degrees.

Anyone want to come visit us?? Bring your sense of humor!



  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    you forgot the tornado watches thrown in there too! :) -val

    (remind me again WHY we live here...?)

  2. We have been consistent over the past two days, snow, snow and more snow. Of course we had rain the day before that :)

  3. Tornado watches?! I didn't know about those! Guess that's what we get for storing our TV in the basement.

    Why do we live here? Well, I guess it's so we don't have to drive so far for family reunions. That tends to happen when the "family" has been here since 1850's (and consequently we're related to each other and most everyone else in the county) :)