Random thoughts - part IV

Here are some responses to an old acquaintance, asking about my views as a Christian and a pastor. Some of it might not make sense, as it's just my side of the conversation...

I read the Bible as a literal document. That is to say, as any literary work, it's important to take author, intent, context, genre, etc. into account when reading it. That is NOT to say that when Revelation talks about large grasshoppers coming (Rev 9:1-11) at the end times, that I think there will be physical grasshoppers. The genre of Revelation prevents me from reading it literalistically, as many fundamentalists do. But something will happen, of which the grasshoppers are a symbol. Because of this framework, I do end up reading the Bible as a guide for my life, because its expressed authorship and intent (above in 2 Timothy 3:16) is God telling us what we need to know to know and serve Him. God's dealings with His people in the Old Testament apply to me in many ways, though ritual laws and details do not, having been fulfilled by Jesus. The New Testament was written to the Church to tell the story of Jesus' life and death, and explain what it means for us. This applies very directly.

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  1. You know, Steve, I've heard that Apache combat helicopters look a lot like big grasshoppers. ;-)