Headline: "General Synod Convicts Jesus of Blasphemy"

Here's the quote of the day:

"I am a presbyterian. I believe in the system of representative government that presbyterianism exhibits. I believe that this form of government (in its essentials) is ancient, going back at least to the time of Moses. I believe that the government of the synagogue was essentially presbyterian. I believe that government by representative elders was not just local, but also including broader assemblies, like the Sanhedrin. If this is the case, and all presbyterians that I know of believe that it is, then we should take care to remember that it was a General Assembly, a presbyterian court, that convicted the Son of God, and demanded His execution. Having the right forms on paper is no protection at all. It is not enough to have righteous governmental blueprints; we must also have righteous men -- men to love the truth because they love the Truth."


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  1. When I first read the title, I wondered what was up. Then I read the post, and sighed in relief. Point well made though, and very true.