A Chair for Mother

We've had our "fat man chair" for nearly 12 years. (It's so shy it would only show you it's backside.) It fits two people very cozily, or one fat man quite comfortably, thus the name. (not that we've had any fat men try this, we're just supposing, you know?) It's been through 4 kids and a lot of guests...and it's showing it's age. Permanent marker tattoos. Several rips. General dingyness. And it's so....neutral. Functional. Safe. Boring.

Selling it and buying a new chair or two was not an option, I thought of a slipcover. But I don't like the unfitted look of many ready-made slipcovers, they remind me of sheets draped over furniture before you paint the ceiling. Ugh.

So I made my own. This is the dominion mandate as it pertains to housewives.

Not quite finished yet, but coming along nicely. Most of this was done in one day. Really. This isn't hard folks. Go get your 40% coupon from JoAnn and buy 7 yd of fabric and do your own chair this weekend! It's cheaper than buying one pre-made! And much prettier, too.

The best part: the chair is now too "girly" for the man of the house, so it is officially MOM's chair! Of course I'll welcome snuggles and reading time with a little boy on each side of me. It's a perfect fit!

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