Take up the cup

As we receive bread and wine from the Lord Jesus to remember Him, it is important that we examine ourselves. Do we come here, pointing to our good deeds, our healthy spiritual lives? Or do we come knowing our weakness, wearing the wedding clothes of Christ’s righteousness? If we take up this kingdom cup in vain, not reverencing the Lord who bought us with the blood it represents, we eat and drink judgment on ourselves. Do not abuse the gift God gives you.

But realize ultimately that it is a gift. He is your Father, seeking to give you good gifts, and knowing how to do that. As you repent, He will cover all your sins in Christ’s blood, even your sin of worshiping carelessly, or partaking here while lacking gratitude and reverence. Of course, the wicked abuse this grace; but for the believer this free forgiveness will drive us all the more to do His will, from sheer joy at being welcomed into the kingdom, to the King’s table.


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