Leviticus 8-16

8 - consecration of priests: wash, oil, clothed; sin and burnt offering
8 - blood sprinkled and poured; sacrifice eaten
9 - Aaron begins sacrifices: priests' & people's sin, burnt, grain, peace
9 - Aaron blesses people; glory and fire from God
10 - Aaron's sons innovate in worship and die. No wine in tabernacle
10 - Aaron's sons mess up, but Aaron follows the law's spirit, so it's okay
External conformity not the end-all
11 - no touching or eating unclean animals; be holy as God is holy
12 - impurity after childbirth; sacrifice at end of time
13 - priests diagnosing various skin ailments as clean or unclean
14 - ritual of cleansing after a leper is healed or house is cleansed:
wash, shave, quarantine, sacrifice, anoint
15 - bodily discharges: unclean until evening, and anything touched
16 - how and when Aaron is to enter the holy place: with blood

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