Which Table?

Sermon text - 1 Samuel 28 - Saul with the witch of Endor

This table engages not only our mouths, tongues, it engages our heart, our loyalties. We are doing this to acknowledge and remember Jesus Christ, His death on the cross, which we believe sealed our pardon with God. All our hearts and all our songs join to admire the feast. Is your heart, soul and body leaning toward Jesus here? God is at work in strange places, purifying a people for Himself. He removed the dross of Saul, condemning him in a witch’s house in Endor, at the table of demons. He preserves through fire the silver of His people here, feeding us in His house, at the table of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t be found at the table of demons, with your heart, soul and body yearning for forbidden things. Give Him your heart to purify further. He is looking upon it even now, sifting your intentions and desires. Covenant with the Lord, according to His covenant of grace with us in Christ, to believe His Word and live for Him always.


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