Dim-watted bulbs

Isaiah 6:1-5

We often consider the sinfulness of sin, in how it violates others, or how it keeps us from being what God meant us to be. But God wants us to compare ourselves to His holiness. He is the standard of purity and righteousness. When you are in a dark room, even a low-watt bulb looks bright. But it is nothing compared with the sun. This generation is in darkness, God’s holiness is the sun, and we are the dim-watted bulbs. Though you may give light to the darkness, do not be content with this before God’s brightness. Be undone, like Isaiah was.

We are not to be like God in His exaltation, power, glory or beauty, we cannot have that high a voltage. But we are to be like Him in His holiness, and we are not. Instead, we have unclean lips, hands, eyes and hearts.


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