Lace that Never Disappoints

Lace knitting is sooo rewarding, I have yet to find a lace pattern I don't like. Here are my two latest lace projects, the first I can finally reveal because it was a surprise birthday gift for Grandma.

US 4 needles, KnitPicks "Gloss" wool/silk yarn
10" x 62"
This grey scarf is made with skinny, skinny yarn, a bit heavier than thread. It seems a bit intimidating to work with fine yarn at first, but you quickly get the hang of it. I love the delicate, floating nature of this scarf...I confess I nearly kept it for myself!!
Instead I ripped out an old project that was *UGH* and made this fat, squishy capelet instead. The biggest challenge here was deciphering a Japanese pattern, but luckily it was charted fairly well and I could "wing it" on the unknown parts. The yarn here is no skimpy yarn, it's about the diameter of a fat crayon! That makes the lace motifs super-sized, in your face kind of lace. There's a chunky ribbed fold-over collar and a hefty crocheted edging to finish it off. Sorry the picture doesn't show it very well, this is the best I could get by handing the 7 yr old the camera.
My favorite part of this cape is the baby alpaca yarn. Mmmmm. It is like butter against the skin. No, better than that. It's so soft and lofty, I can hardly describe it. If this was food, it'd be the most velvety chocolate mousse you ever tasted.
Retro Cape (ravelry link)
US 13 & US 11 needles (big ol' fat ones!)
Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande yarn

A friend saw me working on this and ran after her pretty leather heart pin - perfect for Valentine's Day!

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