Gross germs... and Grandma!

So, our whole family caught some Noro flu virus. Two of us went down Wed-Thurs, just as Grandma arrived for a visit. 2 more Fri-Sat. The feminine element came last, Sat-Sun. First time I had someone else preach a sermon that I wrote, me being too sick to be there. Heard it went fine! Strange, though, to not even be at a church service I prepared to lead...

We're all on the mend - hear it stays contagious a while. Hopefully we get some good Grandma time in yet! Had a good time reading about 7-year old Joash needing to be protected from his mean grandma Athaliah tonight. Grandma got a kick out of that one, and we thanked God for GOOD Grandmas. (Check out 2 Kings 11 for the details.)

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