On 8th commandment

The commandment against stealing is a command to work, take dominion, and produce or maintain useful and beautiful things, to serve and help people meet their needs in ways that advance the kingdom of Christ. We work to get, so we may give, so we may get more, so we may give more, and so on. May your flocks and your herds increase.

This commandment also forbids. We may not steal time that we have promised to our employer, by using it for non-work reasons. We may not try to get something for nothing by gambling. Don’t seek to harm your neighbor’s estate by getting him into a transaction you know is no good for him. We may not waste the resources God has given us to steward.

While this commandment assumes private property rights, against socialism, the NT church also showed us that the grace of Christ will overflow into not grasping those rights and our things against others who are in need. We will give generously, as God has given to us


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