Living the 7th commandment

Keep your body pure, for your present or future husband or wife only. Keep your mind pure by praying out impure thoughts. Keep your heart pure by fanning to flame your desire for the living God, and His Christ. When His Word dwells in you richly, it will drive out impurity that crops up. Focus on and foster your relational commitments to your Lord Jesus, your spouse or parents, your children, your work, your Church.

Preserve your purity, and your neighbor’s. Just as a young man can break this commandment with lustful thoughts about girls, so young women can invite men to sin this way by how they dress and act, excusing it as style or beauty. Women are tempted to stumble men physically on this commandment. Men are tempted to stumble women emotionally on this commandment, getting a girl to like them to soothe their fragile egos, and excusing it all as just friends. God isn’t against guy-girl friendships, just like He isn’t against style or beauty. But we all have to put to death our natural desires, and love one another in a way that takes account of how God made the opposite sex.


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  1. So when are you going to write a book with all these in?