1 Samuel 1-11

1-2 - Hannah of Ephraim is barren and prays for a son, promising to give him to God. Eli thinks she is drunk, but God answers her prayer and Samuel is born. Hannah sings that God will humble the exalted and exalt the humble. Eli's sons are disobedient; Eli rebukes but does not restrain them; God rejects Eli's house.

3-6 - God calls Samuel; Eli doesn't hear God anymore. The Philistines capture the ark; Eli and his sons die. The Philistines are persecuted by God Himself until they return the ark, but Israel also sins when it returns.

7-8 - Samuel judges and prays for Israel, and they defeat the Philistines. Later when he is old and his sons are disobedient like Eli's, Israel asks for a king. This is not right, but God gives them what they want for His own purposes and their judgment.

9-11 - God brings Saul to Samuel, who anoints and instructs Saul as king. Samuel gathers all Israel and introduces Saul. Saul defeats the Ammonites in battle.

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