Birds A-Z

Teaching the alphabet is one of the most basic things a parent gets to do for their children, but come the fourth time around, reading the same ABC books can get a bit dry. Rather than sit through yet another reading of Dr. Seuss's ABC book ("Aunt Annie's alligator... a... A... a"), I took my boy's interest in the outdoors as my cue.
We found coloring pages for birds for every letter of the alphabet online! Go Google!! Now we are not only learning our letters, we are learning to identify some common backyard birds (and a few we'll NEVER see in our backyard!) The kids took a few liberties with the colors of plumage... but that's what makes it fun!
Of course, after I racked my brains trying to find UVWXYZ birds, I found this wonderful illustration done for LMNOP magazine - it helped with a few of the trickier birds!

Albatros, Bluejay, Cardinal, Dodo, Eagle, Flamingo, Goldfinch

ruby throated Hummingbird, Indigo bunting, dark-eyed Junco, Killdeer, Loon, Mallard, Nuthatch

Oriole, brown Pelican, Quail, Robin, Starling, Tufted Titmouse

Upupa epops (hoopooe), turkey Vulture, downy Woodpecker, Xanthornus flaviceps, Yellowthroat, Zone-tailed hawk

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