1 - Naomi's family moves to Moab for food. Her sons marry Moabites, but then her husband and sons all die, leaving her with two Moabite daughters-in-law. She heads back for Bethlehem, sends them back to Moab, but Ruth comes with her. Naomi is destitute and bitter.

2 - Ruth gleans in the field for Naomi. Boaz notices her, has heard of her loyalty to Naomi and to Yahweh, and so is generous to her.

3 - Naomi asks Ruth to initiate a proposal to Boaz, going to him at night during the harvest. He is willing to buy back Naomi's land, and produce an heir for Naomi, marrying Ruth.

4 - Boaz goes right to the city gate and asks the closer kinsman-redeemer if he wants to redeem Naomi's land. He says yes, but then no when he hears Ruth is part of the deal. Boaz redeems her/them, and produces an heir who is an ancestor of David and thus of Jesus.

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