1 Samuel 21-31

21 - David gets bread and Goliath's sword, and flees to Gath. The king there is of a mind to kill David, so David acts crazy and gets away.
22 - David flees to the wilderness and gains a following of malcontents. Saul kills the priests that helped David.
23 - David saves a city from Philistines, which Saul should be doing. Instead, he pursues David.
24 - David spares Saul's life, when he could have killed him.
25 - David spares Nabal, by Abigail's wise intercession.
26 - David spares Saul, again!
27 - David flees to the Philistines again, and is accepted this time (since he has 600 men?). He gets a city to live in and raids non-Israelites, telling the Philistines he is raiding Israel or her friends.
28 - Saul is afraid when the Philistines gather against Israel. God doesn't answer, so Saul goes to a witch and asks for Samuel. Samuel gives Saul words of judgment and death... by tomorrow. The witch makes an anti-Passover (unleavened bread).
29 - The Philistines reject David from fighting with them
30 - David's family and city are plundered while he has gone part way with the Philistines. He recovers them, defeating the Amalekites
31 - The Philistines defeat Israel; Saul and Jonathan are killed.

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