"But as Baptism is a solemn recognition by which God introduces his children into the possession of life, a true and effectual sealing of the promise, a pledge of sacred union with Christ, it is justly said to be the entrance and reception into the Church. And as the instruments of the Holy Spirit are not dead, God truly performs and effects by Baptism what he figures."

Sounds Roman Catholic, right? Wrong.

This is John Calvin.

Please realize you can highly esteem the Church and Sacraments which God has given (since He gave them!), without being "on the road to Rome."

Here's the source for the quote above.
(Calvin, _Second Defense of the Faith Concerning the Sacraments in Answer to Joachim Westphal_ [1556]; CO 9:41-120; cited in Willem Balke, _Calvin and the Anabaptists Radicals_, trans. by William Heynen [Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1981], p. 221.)

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