2 Samuel 11-20

11 - David sins with Bathsheba, then worse by killing her husband
12 - Nathan rebukes David, and he repents. The child dies; Solomon is born; Ammonites are defeated
13 - Amnon rapes his sister Tamar; David does nothing; Absalom kills him and flees from Israel for three years
14 - Joab asks David indirectly to bring Absalom home; David consents, but refuses to see the popular Absalom for two years. Absalom violently pressures Joab to ask David to see him, and it works.
15 - Absalom conspires to take the throne; David flees, but sends Hushai and the priests back to work against Absalom
16 - Ziba slanders Mephibosheth to David, who believes it and gives Ziba Mephibosheth's property; Shimei curses David, and David leaves him alone; Absalom and Hushai meet in Jerusalem; Absalom violates David's concubines to harden the people against David
17 - Hushai prevents Absalom from mopping up David right away; David has time to regroup and prepare for battle
18 - David's men win; Joab kills Absalom; David laments him
19 - Joab jolts David out of lament, to be king; Israel returns to David
20 - division between Judah and other tribes leads to another rebellion against David. He appoints Amasa to deal with it. When he is slow, Joab kills him and puts down the rebellion himself.

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