Only in Christ

2 Samuel 5

Theme: God establishes David’s kingdom with crown, covenant, conquest and city

As I’ve said before, there is a reason the offering and Communion are so close together in our service. Our work overlaps with our worship, and with God building His house. We bring the fruit of our labor in to God’s house. The trees in the courtyard of God’s house bear fruit from Sunday to Sunday, and we partake of the fruit God gives.

We take part in being and building the city of God. We take part in the conquest of Christ, the dominion mandate and the Great commission. We take part in the crown, receiving the crown of life.

But all this happens because we are in Christ, in covenant with Him, receiving His grace over our guilt, receiving His righteousness. His crown makes ours possible. His conquest makes our thinkable. His faithful Sonship in God’s house makes our house building feasible. Without Him we have a house of cards.

And so it all hinges on our being in covenant with Christ and faithful to our king. You are at the King’s table. Are you as awed as you would be in Buckingham Palace? In the White House? Something far greater is happening. The God you have sinned against all your life has given His son to die for you; He has again welcomed you into His house and seated you at his table permanently as His adopted child, not just a temporary guest.


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