1 Samuel 12-20

12 - Samuel bids farewell to Israel, charging them to obey God
13 - Saul offers sacrifice out of fear, when Samuel told him to wait
14 - Jonathan is more courageous and wise than Saul; Philistines defeated
15 - God tells Saul to destroy Amalek, but he keeps the best as plunder or for sacrifice. God rejects Saul as king. "To obey is better than sacrifice."
16 -David is anointed king, and plays music to soothe Saul. The Spirit leaves Saul and enters David.
17 - David kills Goliath, where Saul was too afraid to fight.
18 - Jonathan befriends David; Saul fears him and tries to kill him
19 - David flees to Samuel; Spirit comes on Saul when he pursues him
20 - Jonathan intercedes for David again, but Saul now publicly opposes David and any who are for him, even his own son, Jonathan

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