Judges 1-16

1 - Conquest of land continues, Judah leading; conquest not completed
2 - Israel disobeys God by not completing conquest, intermarrying with Canaanites, worshiping other gods; God punishes Israel with military oppressors; God gives judges to save Israel
3 - Othniel judges, saves Israel from Mesopotamia; left-handed Ehud saves Israel from Moab by killing Eglon; Shamgar judges/saves Israel from Philistines
4-5 - Deborah leads Barak to fight against Hazor; Jael kills him
6-8 - Gideon saves Israel from Midianites. He pulls down the Baal altar, gets the fleece signs, musters Israel, lets God winnow the army to 300, defeats and pursues Midian, punishes Israelite cities that refuse him aid in the pursuit, keeps some plunder which stumbles Israel to idolatry.
9 - Gideon's son, Abimelech takes command ruthlessly. He attacks his own when they turn against him, and is killed by a woman dropping a millstone on him when he besieges a city.
10 - Tola and Jair are the 6th and 7th judges
11-12 - Jephthah saves Israel from the Ammonites; sacrifices his daughter due to a rash vow. He also brings about civil war. Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon judge Israel (#9-11).
13-16 - Samson is consecrated and born. He breaks all the vows, marries a Philistine, then provokes and defeats them. He loses his strength, telling Delilah the secret of his hair, and is captured. His hair grows and God gives him vengeance by tearing down the Philistine temple with thousands inside.

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