Joshua 1-5 - Entering the land

1 - God to Joshua: enter the land; be courageous. Joshua prepares Israel. Israel commits to follow Joshua.
2 - Joshua sends spies to Jericho. Rahab hides them, deceives her people, and trusts to Israel's God. The spies promise her house will be spared, as she puts a red cord on her window (like red blood on the door, for Passover).
3 - God parts the waters of the Jordan; Israel passes over, the priests carrying the ark ahead, standing in the middle of the river.
4 - God has Israel put 12 big stones in the riverbed where the priests were standing, as a reminder of what God did. The priests with the ark come out last, after all the people cross; then the waters return to normal. This happens on lamb selection day of Passover week, what becomes Palm Sunday (4:19; Ex 12:2-3).
5 - Israel is circumcised, making them vulnerable to attack, but the nations are afraid of them. Israel keeps Passover 3 days later. The manna stops, and they eat what is in the land. Yahweh's army commander appears to Joshua as the time nears to attack Jericho.

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