Daniel 1-6

1 - Daniel and friends are enslaved, deported, indoctrinated, renamed
1 - Daniel asks for a diet in accord with the Word; God prospers him
2 - Nebuchadnezzar has a dream. Only God can explain it, using Daniel
2 - He saw a statue of different metals struck down by a stone
2 - Lesser kingdoms will follow Babylon until God sets up His kingdom
3 - Neb. demands obeisance to an idol.
3 - Refusing, Daniel and friends are thrown in the fire, but survive.
3 - God can deliver men from kings.
4 - King Neb. recounts a dream come true, which Daniel interprets
4 - Tree cut down is Neb who loses his mind&throne. He glorifies God
5 - Belshazzar blasphemes God; handwriting appears on his wall
5 - Daniel interprets: He is judged&found wanting; kingdom removed
6 - Daniel is trapped legally and thrown to lions; Darius distraught
6 - Daniel unharmed; accusers thrown in & die; Darius glorifies God

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