Daniel 7-12

7 - Like the dream in ch 2, 4 kingdoms are coming and during the 4th God will give His eternal kingdom and all power to the Son of Man.

8 - vision of ram and goat - Persia and Greece. A king of Greece will destroy in Israel.

9 - Daniel sees from the book of Jetemiah that Israel's exile will be for 70 years. He repents for Israel's sins and asks for Gods forgiveness. Gabriel is sent to explain (cryptically!) the coming 70 years.

10 - an angel appears to Daniel, overwhelming him. He apparently fought with Michael against opposing spirits to help Darius conquer Persia (11:1).

11 - Prophecy about Alexander the great's Greece, and his divided kingdom warring after his death. One usually understood to be Antiochus III destroys in Jerusalem and will set up an idol in the temple.

12 - deliverance and resurrection promised God's people. Seal this prophecy, for the time is not for a while

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