Dizzying Apologetics

A dizzying blend of apologetics, Ecclesiastes, history of philosophy, and meditations on bugs, Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl takes the reader on a verbal skylark through the universe. Putting the question, "What kind of world is this that we live in?" Wilson answers: it is a poem, a piece of art spoken by God which shows us Himself. Look closely. Laugh at the absurd and unbelieving elements. Laugh at your own smallness, but know that you will live forever. Soak in the poem, and the Poet.

Wilson is definitely against some things, like Nietzsche, and sentimentalized fuzzy kittens on posters. He explains why, in his own quirky way. Here's a sample:

"A tabby kitten lies on its back, looking at me out of upside-down eyes. This kitten has a message: 'God hears even the smallest voice.' I could purchase this glossy 13.5" x 19" poster and hang it by my desk, right next to the Marine Disasters of Cape Cod."

"This God invented leeches and mosquitoes and bedbugs that bite. Did He not? Then who did? What are they made of? Is God trying to rid the world of such cooties but hasn't been a quick enough study at the art of pest control? Why do these things no fit on our postcards? Why do we omit them in the abridged extra-holy version of reality for families? They are here. They are words. What do they tell us? What is their role in the story?"

This is Nate's way of introducing the problem of evil. Check it out here. Apologetics that's quirky and interesting.

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