Ezra 4-6

1 - Cyrus king of Persia decrees Jews free to rebuild their temple
1 - He finances it, and gives the temple articles back that were taken
2 - Returning exiles listed - about 50,000.
2 - Some priests' lineage couldn't be confirmed, so they couldn't serve
3 - Altar rebuilt and sacrifice begun; 2 years later, temple wall begun
3 - people rejoice, but the old weep remembering the former temple
4 - they are accused by Samaritan neighbors of rebellion to Artaxerxes, who stops the work
5 - Haggai and Zechariah call the people to resume work
5 - Accusations are made again to the new king Darius
6 -  Cyrus' decree is found and the building is allowed and funded
6 - Temple is finished and Passover celebrated

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