Ezekiel 38-48

38 - A gathering of nations - Gog - press against Israel, but He will rain disease and blood down on them.

39 - God will make God fall, and Israel will have a full time job burying them for years. He will call the birds to eat their full of them, at His sacrificial meal. Note how much like Revelation 19:17-18 this is. When God restores Israel, the nations will understand that the exile was for their sin. This will come clear when He pours His Spirit on Israel.

40 - Ezekiel is given a vision of the restored city and temple
40 - Gates, inner and outer courts, and chambers measured
41 - holy place, holy of holies, side chambers and temple area
Beautiful design of carved palm trees and angels described
42 - chambers for priests to store clothing and sacrificial food
Outer wall and dimensions of the temple measured
43 - God's glory returns to the temple; altar set up; sacrifice begun
44 - East gate closed, since God came through; prince may eat in it
44 - priestly regulations reiterated; Zadokites brought near for being faithful when Israel and other Levites committed idolatry.
45 -property around the temple for the prince and city
45 – prince to provide for temple sacrifices
46 – offerings & entry/exit from worship detailed, for prince & people

47 - a river will flow from the temple, growing stronger and deeper, to water the earth; boundary of the land

48 - division of land among tribes; city gates; God is there

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